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Author Ambush
Dana Marie Bell

Hello everyone! Book Monster Reviews and LITERAL ADDICTION are proud to welcome the very talented Dana Marie Bell back to our site today!

Dana wrote her first short story when she was thirteen years old. She attended the High School for Creative and Performing Arts for creative writing, where freedom of expression was the order of the day. When her parents moved out of the city and placed her in a Catholic high school for her senior year she tried desperately to get away, but the nuns held fast, and she graduated with honors despite herself. She’s now a best-selling author with Samhain Publishing and has consistently earned top reviews from RT Book Reviews and other reviewers.

Dana has lived primarily in the Northeast with a brief stint on the US Virgin Island of St. Crois. She lives with her soul-mate and husband Dusty, their two maniacal children, an evil ice-cream stealing cat and a bull terrier that thinks it’s a Pekinese. She’s been heard to describe herself as “vertically challenged” and “a lapsed brunette”. ;-)


We highly suggest that you check out Dana’s entire backlist - you can find synopses and other information HERE and on her Website - every series is a phenomenal read. For today’s Event, we’re going to concentrate on Dana’s HALLE SHIFTERS series and her latest release in the series “Cynful”.

Bear Necessities
Halle Shifters Book 1

To hold onto his love, he must release his beast.

Once a Bear sets his mind on a mission, it’s best to stay out of his way. Alexander “Bunny” Bunsun is that Bear. Something’s not right with his cousin Chloe, and he’s come to Halle, PA, to sort it out, turn his Harley around and head home to Oregon. Until an enticing scent lures him into the local tattoo shop.

There she is. An inked, Southern-drawled she-Wolf with lime-green hair. His perfect mate.

Tabitha Garwood’s rotten day just got worse. Her Outcast status makes her a target for harassment with alarming regularity. And now, in the middle of a root touch-up, looking like a half-melted Skittle, she’s met her destined mate. The only upside? She finally has a
protector in the form of a huge, tattooed, shaved-head Bear who vibrates with carefully restrained power.

When Chloe is left for dead and Tabby is threatened, only Alex can keep his growing family safe. Giving Tabby the loving home she needs, though, could come at a price—Alex must give up the control he’s worked a lifetime to attain.

Which means someone could die at the hands—and claws—of his beast.

Warning: This novel contains explicit sex, graphic language, a hunky Bear named Bunny and… Yes. I said a Bear named Bunny. I don’t know about you but I’m not brave enough to make fun of it.

Halle Shifters Book 2

To save the woman he loves, he must push his gifts to the brink.

Julian DuCharme, a rare Spirit Bear with legendary healing powers, is finally free from the threat of death, finally free to claim his mate—but she’s not having it. While his Bear screams it’s time to mate, the love of his life wants to date.

Holding his Bear in check while convincing her he’s not out to control her won’t be easy. She’s stubborn and a closeted geek—in other words, perfect for him.

Cynthia “Cyn” Reyes, owner of Living Art Tattoos, thinks Julian is the hottest thing on two legs. That doesn’t mean she’s going to roll over for his masculine charm. She watched her mother flounder when her father passed away, and she’s determined to never lose
herself to someone else. Not even a man who would jump the moon for her, if she asked that of him.

When the women of Living Art are targeted by a killer, Julian doesn’t think twice about pouring out his last drop of power to keep Cyn safe. But it’s Cyn who’ll give up everything—her independence, even her humanity—to keep a terrifying vision from
coming true.

One of his death.

Warning: This novel contains explicit sex, graphic language, a tattooed heroine and the Bear who loves her. Maybe he’ll finally convince her to tattoo him with “Property of Cyn”.

They sound awesome don’t they!? Well, trust us, they most certainly are!! If you have not read tried Dana’s books yet you definitely need to rectify this ASAP. You will love them all, just as we do!!


Now, let’s get to learn more about Dana, while Julian and Cyn interview her. This should definitely be interesting!!

I got asked to do a character interview for Literal Addiction and Book Monster Reviews, one where I ask, say, Cyn and Julian from Cynful the really hard questions. You know, like how often they play hide the salami, or whether or not Julian will actually get a tummy symbol.

Instead, I decided to let the characters interview me. So there I sat, in the break room of a tattoo parlor, with Cynthia “Cyn” Reyes. She’s the former owner of Living Art Tattoos, and—

Cyn - “You shot up my tattoo parlor.”

Wow. What a death glare. Cyn could give Vader lessons.

Dana - Why yes. Yes, I did. But I had my reaso—

“I hate you so much right now.” Cyn stomps away, muttering to herself in Spanish.

Um. All righty then. Interview over?

Apparently not. Julian DuCharme, Spirit Bear and nurse extraordinaire, joins me shortly after Cyn stomps away. He hands me a cup of coffee, because he’s a very smart man and thinks living to a ripe old age is an admirable goal. It’s just the two of us, so I can admire him without fear of getting my eyeballs ripped out by an angry Kodiak.

Julian - “How did you come up with the idea of Spirit Bears?”

Somehow, I knew it would start with you.

He gives me that cheeky grin that makes Cyn either want to tie him up and ride him like a rodeo bull or brain him with a skillet.

“Of course.”

That one’s easy. It all started with Bear Necessities. I was doing research on bears, trying to decide what to make Alex.

“You mean he wasn’t always a Grizzly?”

At one point he was a Kodiak. Everyone knows they’re the most aggressive of the bear species, but I changed my mind and made him a grizzly instead.

Julian glances through the doorway Cyn exited just moments before.

I decided I wanted to find out if black bears were as aggressive as brown ones, which they aren’t, by the way.

“I noticed. But we can still take care of ourselves.”

You’re more likely to try and compromise than a brown bear.

“I do my best.”

Again, he glances toward the doorway as a string of Spanish curses fill the air.

Dana - Do you need to go find out what’s wrong?

Julian winces. “Are you nuts?”

He crosses his legs, and I can’t help but think it’s kinda protective. I mean, he did just mention nuts.

Okay then. I shrug. I’m certainly not brave enough to go check on Cyn. In doing the research, I ran across Kermode bears, so-called Spirit Bears because of their unusually pale coats. They’re rare, maybe four hundred to a thousand of them, and only found in British Columbia.

“So you decided to make me one? But why give me the ability to heal almost anything?”

Spirit Bears. Duh. Just the name told me they needed to be extraordinary, and Bears already had the ability to heal.

“Which both Alex and I used to save Chloe.”


“That hurt like a son of a bitch, you know.”

Can’t forget the high cost of your power.

“Yeah. Itty bitty living space. If I’m not careful, I can die from the energy drain.”

Which is why Cyn is so against you working in a hospital.

He rolls his eyes at me, but lets me continue. It seems to be an on-again, off-again argument with them, especially after what happened to Jamie.

I figured I had Alphas who could talk to their Packs with their minds, Omegas who could feel emotions, Marshalls who could sense physical distress. There’s a shifter Senate ruled by the Leo, and Hunters who take care of rogues. In other words, a full society. And most societies have one other thing.

Julian grimaces. “I hate this part.”


“I knew you were going to go there. We’re not priests.”

No, but in your society you take on that role. You’re the peace-keepers, the healers. You can calm a raging Grizzly, get an Alpha to stop and listen, and keep an Omega from abusing their powers.

“And we’re dying out.”

I nod.


Yeah. Pretty much.

A pretty woman with lime green hair pokes her head in the room, her stomach distended with pregnancy.

Tabby - “Why is Cyn so pissed?”

I wave. Hi, Tabby.

“Oh. Hi. That would do it.” Tabby (who names a wolf shifter Tabby? Her parents must have been crazy) waves back. “Man, is she ticked at you.”


She wiggles a finger in her ear. “You don’t have to shout.”

Sorry. But I can hear cabinet doors slamming, so I know Cyn is still mad at me.

She ignores me and turns to Julian. “Burritos for lunch, Jules?”

“Sounds good. Extra guac, please.”

I make a face. Guacamole. Blech.

“Nobody asked you to eat it.” Julian tucks some strands of dark hair behind his ears. It’s constantly escaping from the braid down his back, little fly-aways that you want to just smooth down. Honestly, I just want an excuse to play with his hair. He has the most gorgeous head of hair. I has an envy.

He waves Tabby off before she can get my order.

You mean you’re not feeding me? Pfft. I’m outtie.

I stand to leave but he tugs me back down with a laugh.

“Why isn’t Cyn a Spirit Bear, too?”

Is he kidding me? He has met his mate, right?

I have no idea what expression is on my face, but he bursts into laughter. “Good point.” He leans forward and snags my coffee cup, draining it. Bastard. “About Glory and Ryan…”

Yeah, I’m doing their story next.

“Thank f…” He pauses. “You know, I’m not sure if I’m allowed to curse on this board. Thank… fudge? I’m ready to kill both of them.” He smiles. “But then I’d bring them back to life for the sheer pleasure of killing them again.” He gets up and refills the coffee cup. “Can’t you just toss them into a room naked and lock the door for a year or two?”

Getting on your nerves, are they?

He glares at me, and I shrug. I know what’s going on, but he doesn’t, and I’m not telling. “I have an idea of why Glory is pushing him away.” He gets a far-away look in his eye, the dark color sparkling with gray. He’s using his powers, the sneaky bastard.

That’s cheating.

“And I have a rough idea of some of the shi… stuff that’s going to hit the fan.”

Dude. Still cheating.

He flips me the bird and drains the coffee cup again.

You suck. And if he tells Ryan what’s going on I’ll give him an incurable case of hemorrhoids.

“Glory’s in for one hell of a surprise.”

So’s Ryan. So are you if you tell.

Chuckling, he sets down the empty cup. “Gotcha.”

I sigh. I can tell he wants to ask but can’t. About Jamie…

Julian winces. “That sucked big time.”

I know. And I feel sorry, except…

“You’re going to fix it, right?”

That depends. I eye the coffee mug. Right now, I’m not feeling up to fixing anything.

He brings me the pot, the entire box of Splenda and a carton of my favorite creamer. Sugar free hazelnut. Yum. Someone did his research.

I have plans. Plans that involve caffeine and maybe that box of donuts I see sitting on the counter.

“I hate it when you say that.”

Don’t worry, Jamie will get a new love. I promise. I have to take care of some other people first, though.

Julian sighs, and I know he still feels torn by what he did. “He’ll never be the same.”

I pause in the act of pouring creamer over my coffee. No. He won’t.

“And Chloe?”

I snicker.

He shakes his head. “Be nice, the girl’s been through a lot.”
Well, once I have Jim’s head removed from his as… butt, I’ll start their story. But the surgery might take a while and not be wholly successful.

“I can help.” His grin is evil as he cracks his knuckles. “I’m dying to take a shot at the good veterinarian.”

I think you’d have to get in line behind Ryan and Alex.

“Have you seen their toys when they’re done with them? No one wants to play with something covered in grizzly drool.”

Ick. Suddenly the donuts don’t look quite so good.

Julian checks his watch. It’s almost time for me to go. “I know you need to get going, so one last thing before we wrap this up. Okay?”

Go ahead. I’m starving and ready to head over to Frank’s for some burgers. Since I’m in Halle anyway I might as well. I hear they’re awesome.

Powder blue curls on a tiny body bounce through the room, followed by a simply massive guy with dark hair and eyes a darker shade than the woman’s hair. “C’mon, Glory. Please?”

The tiny woman scowls up at him. “I said no.”

“With a cherry?”


“And sprinkles?”

There’s nothing quite like watching a hunky male beg, but I have no idea what they’re arguing about now.
Glory slams down a box of… the side of it says ink, and I hope nothing in there broke. “I’m not wearing the Sailor Mercury outfit on our date, asshole.”


She turns on him so fast her hair is a pale blue whip. “I swear to God if you mention it one more time I’ll ask Alex to chaperone.”

Ryan, it has to be Ryan, man he’s bigger than I thought, holds up his hands in surrender.

She nods briskly, accepting his surrender. “Hi, Jules, Dana.”


Julian just laughs as the two of them go through the doorway toward the front of the shop. I can still hear Ryan pleading about something but can’t make out what it is.

Glory sticks her head back into the break room. “Wait. Aren’t you the one who shot up our shop? Cyn is so pissed at you.”


She blinks. “Okay then.” She backs slowly out of the room, and I’m hard pressed not to laugh. She’s going to give Ryan hives.

Julian clears his throat, but I can tell he’s also trying not to laugh.

What was the final thing you wanted to ask me? I’m ready to get out of here. These people are nuts.

Julian leans back in his chair, crossing his arms over his chest. “Two becomes one, one becomes three.”
Ah. The riddle.

“Yeah. I still haven’t figured it out.”

I smile and sip my coffee.

He huffs out a breath. “I hate you.” I cock an eyebrow at him and he reluctantly laughs. “Fine. Don’t tell me. I guess I’ll find out along with everyone else.”

Yes, you will.

He stands up and offers me his hand. “Thanks for stopping by. When Cyn gets over being pissed she’s going to be upset she let you leave without asking her own questions.”

I shrug. She’ll get her answers in due time, too. Thanks. I take his hand, and his palm is warm and dry. His grip is strong without being pushy. I like that. But as soon as he lets go, I grab my purse. By the way, good luck with that.

“With what?”

I wave as I head for the back door. Bye!

“I’m finding your muse and kicking her ass.”

Good luck with that, too. I’ve been trying for years. Bitch is god-damn slippery.

I can hear him muttering as I walk out the back of the shop. I’m actually kind of happy with the way things turned out. The girls have their new tattoo parlor, their men, and a baby they can all spoil on the way. And a little drama to keep things interesting. Now, it’s time for me to get some lunch before I head back to the keyboard and the next Halle Shifter novel.

Poor, poor Ryan. I hope things turn out well for him.
But Ryan can wait. Right now, it’s time for some burgers…

If you want to keep up with Dana online, you can find her here:
Website / Blog / Facebook / Twitter / Goodreads

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